8 Surprising Uses Of Cinnamon On The Body

The sweet, woody flavors of the cinnamon star in a number of the most scrumptious sweets like snickerdoodle cookies & crumbly coffee cake. You may be surprised that notwithstanding cinnamon’s association with sugar and desserts, the spice is a fantastic effective anti-bacterial and an anti-fungal agent that may combat diabetes & cures toenail fungus.

Hormones and Weight Gain After 40

Have you experienced unexplained weight gain in your 40s? Have you been eating all the right foods and exercising multiple times per week, but still can’t seem to shake that extra weight? It may be due to your hormones.

A Natural Approach to Rising Health Epidemics

Modern research shows that over 93% of the world’s population will encounter at least one of these three issues in their lifetime. With advances in science, technology, and an understanding of the human body, these companies aim to make these health risks a thing of the past. Using an all natural approach is believed to be the key to having the body heal …