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Even though Ice cubes have a negative effect on your throat but it is very useful for your skin to get an instant glow and flawless look. Ice cubes can help to fix your makeup properly and also helps you to get a long-lasting look. Ice cubes can be your all time friend and can be useful for not only …

10 Effective Yoga Poses To Cure Anxiety

The hustle and bustle of life have become a serious cause of stress and anxiety for most of us. Every second person has worry lines on their forehead, which clearly indicate their state of mind. So, let us take a step back and first understand what anxiety really is.

Essential Tools for Weight Loss Success

If you are familiar with my story, then you probably know that I lost 70 lbs after my second baby, gained it back while pregnant with my third, and am on a mission to lose the weight again. **Update! I am only about 10 lbs from my goal weight. Woo!**

What Exactly Is Fascia, and How Do You Take Care of It?

Feeling achy all over or having some muscle tightness? The cause could be something you’ve never heard of: fascia. It’s the thin layer of connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, providing them support and structure. Your muscles may be strong, but the fascia keeps them safe and in place to complete your everyday movements.


As a career professional, having a 5 minute makeup routine is one of the things that has saved me a ton of time during the week. It took me a little while to figure out my morning routine. Not only figuring out what products to use but also practicing how to do everything faster! Beautycounter, one of my favorite beauty brands, …

Does Brushing Teeth Prevent Cavities? (Guest Post at Wellness Mama)

Being married to a Brit, I’ve learned that Americans are relatively obsessed with dental hygiene. I don’t know about you, but as a child it was ingrained into me that if I ate too much sugar my teeth would rot and fall out, but if I brushed my teeth and went to the dentist twice per year for cleanings and …