Warning Signs Your Liver Is Functioning Poorly, Toxic and Causing You To Gain Weight That You Can’t Seem To Lose.

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The liver’s main duty is to detoxify and eliminate the harmful waste products from our bodies. But scientists proved that actually there are some five hundred processes that the liver performs, which makes this organ extremely important for our lives. Considering its importance, we have to try to do everything that is possible to keep our liver functioning properly: be active, eat balanced and nutritious meals, and avoid highly processed and sugar-filled foods as well as alcohol and drugs (including vitamins, supplements or prescription pills). When your liver is not functioning well, it signals you in many ways. The following five symptoms may be considered the biggest warning signs that your liver is full of toxins:

1) You’re Permanently Tired. If you always feel tired and you lack energy, then you may have chronic fatigue which is one of the most common signs of liver problems. You might also feel confused and it may be difficult for you to focus on something.  Depression and anxiety may also arise, as well as drastic changes in mood.

2) Unexplained Weight Gain. If you are gaining weight without reason it could mean your liver is damaged and overwhelmed by toxins. When the liver cannot keep up with amount of toxins that it needs to process, it will begin to store all of the unfiltered toxins in fat cells, especially around the stomach.

3) You Experience Jaundice. This means that your skin and the whites of your eyes appear yellow. Jaundice is caused by a buildup of excess bilirubin in the blood which occurs when bile flow from the liver gets blocked. A properly functioning liver is able to process and excrete bilirubin from the blood but when it is unable to do so the substance builds up and soon gets deposited in tissues, which causes the skin to appear yellowish.

4) You Notice Your Urine Gets Dark or Discolored. A change in urine color may be a sign that your body is trying to pass toxins through an alternative route. That means that the liver is unable to process toxins and your body compensates by eliminating them through your urine.

5) You Have Acne and Other Skin Issues. If your skin used to be clear and suddenly you experience acne or other skin issues it could be due to accumulation of toxins in the liver, which can cause hormonal imbalances and one of the main ways they manifest is unfortunately on your face and skin in the form of acne. In this case you need to detoxify your liver rather than treat your skin with cosmetic products.