THIS Is The Most Spiritual Place On Earth with The Strongest Energy Field!

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Some places in the world are known to be charged with positive energy. In such places sensitive people can feel the connection with the divine, ‘download’ cosmic intelligence and even have some revelations.

These places can offers some answers to long asked questions and make you understand the truth of reality on a more spiritual level.

There are many places which are considered spiritual all around the world. But what place do you think is the most spiritual? Where can you find the strongest energy field and connection?

You probably think of Tibet! But this is not the right answer!

You may be surprised to discover that the place considered as the most spiritual in the world is in Bulgaria and it is called Rila.

Situated in the beautiful mountains of southwest Bulgaria, Rila is the country’s most visited tourist destination and a holy place for Bulgarians.

Here, in these mountains you will find the strongest energy centers of the world. Not accidentally one of the greatest spiritual masters, Beinsa Duno, has chosen to transmit wisdom in Rila.

The places around Rila’s Lakes particularly have very strong energy. If you are a sensitive person and visit this area you will easily feel this energy.

It is said that when more sensitive people camp there, they can experience strange dreams. If you are able to experience lucid dreaming than you may have a spectacular experience here.