They Are Being Laughed At, But They Are The Only People Who Don’t Get Cancer

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The journal Cancer Causes and Control published the conclusions of a recent study, which showed that Amish people don’t develop cancer, being the healthiest people in America. Researchers studied their diet and lifestyle and the discoveries they made are absolutely astonishing.

Amish have significantly lower chances to develop cancer

The main purpose of the study made by the experts from the Ohio University was to find whether Amish peoples’ lack of conventional medicine increases the risk of developing cancer. Actually it was revealed that Amish have significantly lower chances to develop cancer when compared to the rest of the population! This being found, researchers decided to study their lifestyle further trying to discover a link between their lifestyle and these unexpected findings.

Here is what researchers have found:

  • Most Amish people avoid smoking and alcohol drinking.
  • They practice a lot physical work, which is very important. Most Amish people are involved in agriculture, construction and other works which require physical activity which keeps them healthy. Besides, they don’t sit in front of the TV or computer.
  • Another important factor is the fact that Amish people grow their own food, using organic methods. So, they eat healthy fruits and vegetables, healthy dairy and meat. They don’t consume processed foods, unlikely most of Americans.

Following the results of this study, we can conclude that, even Amish people are considered primitive for their lifestyle, their commitment to simple life makes them healthier.