The Most Powerful Law Of Attraction Mantra You Need To Know

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There is not a person in the world who didn’t feel broken in a specific moment of his or her life. Yes, we all experience this feeling sometimes and we feel that something is wrong with our vibration. And we might even feel unworthy. What you should realize when this happens is that you are certainly not alone!

I want to share with you a powerful mantra that will unlock that rotten feeling of resistance! This “mantra” is something that I see gets forgotten so frequently with Law of Attraction students and yet it’s the most important thing in the creation process of manifesting our desires. I recommend you to repeat it again and again until it sinks into your heart and imprints your subconscious mind, paving a new and fierce path of newfound understanding.

Are you ready for it? So, say it out aloud:

The FEELING of my desires MUST PRECEDE its manifestation.

  • You have to feel as though you have already manifested your goodies in order to align with them energetically before they can roll into your reality.
  • This is the true secret to working with the Law of Attraction. ACT AS IF you have already manifested what you want. It might feel awkward or uncomfortable at first, but it’s something that is a natural force in life.

For instance, if you set the intention to manifest your soul mate and then you feel frustrated because it hasn’t happened in the time that you wanted it to, then you BLOCK the vibrational flow of that reality showing up for you. You’re tying the tubes of infinite possibilities. However, if you remember that everything happens in Divine timing and you make space in your life to be open to welcoming in your soul mate, then you will manifest him/her a lot faster!

  • You should be gentle and feel inspired. So say it again…

The FEELING of my desires MUST PRECEDE its manifestation.

  • Allow your soul to get carried away with the beauty of your intuitive imagination.
  • Think and feel good about the future. All good things are headed your way!