The First Animal You See Reveals Something About Who You Are

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It might seem like a jumble of images at first, but he more carefully you look, the more clearly some shapes take form.

This simple little exercise can uncover a lot about the way you think and your mental agility. Depending on the kinds of animals you spot, you might be a right-brained, creative thinker with strong artistic interests and a free-spirit.

Peer at the image for a few minutes and write down what you see, then scroll for an explanation of each picture’s true meaning:

What is the first animal you saw? How quickly could you identify the other animals? How many and which animals did you spot?

Personality Traits:

The Bird: If you see this first, you are more outgoing and expressive than others.

The Crab: If you saw this first, you are a happier person with a good sense of humor.

The Bird & The Crab: People who see both images first are sensitive and in touch with their true emotions.

The Horse: This image jumps out for people who are independent and free-spirited

The Dolphin: You’re a creative and artistic person

The Ducklings: This one is tricky for most people to spot, seeing it first means you are detail-oriented, focused and quieter than most.

The Bear: You are a natural-born leader with a powerful personality – people notice you!

The Puppy: You’ve got a kind and nurturing personality

Thinking Styles:

How quickly you were able to identify other animals and whether you were able to see them all can shine some light on your mental agility:

Bird & Crab: this requires focus on contrast, if you found them quickly, your brain process information rapidly and it is easy for you to spot connections and patterns.

Horse: This one was more difficult – you’re ability to stick with it and look deeper makes you an intuitive, deep thinker.

Dolphin: This image requires a different type of thinking. Your ability to relax and gaze at the image makes you a creative, expressive thinker.

Bear: The person who sees this image first is able to look at the big picture and doesn’t usually get bogged-down by details.

The more animals you found in a short period of time, the more likely you are a divergent thinker.

Divergent thinkers are just able to process more options. If you found four animals at once, you’re very likely a divergent thinker. People with this mentality learn more easily and solve problems more creatively.

Did you learn something new? Or does this just reinforce what you’ve always known about yourself! Let us know in the comments below!

[h/t The Earth Child ]