The Busier You Are, The More You Need Quiet Time

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Keeping a few moments of silence is beneficial for our health as this restores our nervous system, helps sustain energy, and makes our minds more responsive to the complex environments in which we all live and work. Cultivating silence is about taking a temporary break from your life’s most basic responsibilities. Even if you are extremely busy, you can cultivate periods of sustained quiet time. Here is how you to do this:

  • Practice five minutes of quiet time.

When you close the office door, retreat to a park bench or another quiet place and engage in a silent practice of meditation or reflection for about five minutes.

  • Spend a silent afternoon somewhere in nature.

Spending time in nature can be a great idea for improving creative thinking capacities. Henry David Thoreau is a good example: he used to spend time in the woods for this reason.

  • Try ”fasting” from media for several hours.

Find several hours to turn off your email, TV and other devices. Even if there are still many noises around, such as family conversation or city sounds, you can enjoy real benefits by resting the parts of your mind associated with unending work obligations and tracking social media or current events.

  • Practice a meditation retreat.

Even a short meditation is enough to turn toward deeper listening and awaken intuition. The world is getting louder and louder, but we can still have access to silence if we want to.