Fade To Fall Hair And Makeup Tutorial

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Here is a complete tutorial about how to make your hair and apply your makeup to look chic and sleek for any occasion. It is an everyday look just perfect to wear at work or when you go out with your friends. You will watch the makeup tutorial first, flowed by the hairstyle tutorial.

  1. Makeup
  1. Starting with the brows, I lightly fill them in with the Femme Couture Perfect Arch Soft Powder Brow Pencil in light brown.
  2. Then I’ll set them in place with the Femme Couture Perfect Arch Fiberized Brow Gel which will build thicker looking brows.
  3. Moving onto the eyes I’m going to prime the lids with the Femme Couture Flawless Touch Eye Primer and blend it in with my ring finger. Primer helps prevent creases and lines while making eye shadow last longer.
  4. Using the Face Secrets Eye Contour Brush I’m going to pack this Bitzy Eye Shadow in the color gold all over my lids. 
  5. To help blend the crease I’m applying this light brown Bitzy eyeshadow shade ‘Caramel Latte’ to the crease using the Face Secrets Blending Brush.
  6. Next I’m using ‘Bonfire Attire‘ to help deepen up the crease and I’m using this Face Secrets Flat Eyeshadow Brush.
  7. Now I’m going to line my lashline with Palladio black brown eye liner.
  8. For my lashes I’m applying a few coats of the Femme Couture Fake Lash Mascara to my top and bottom lashes to create dramatic volume and length.
  9. Moving on to the face, I’m going to start by priming it with the Femme Couture Get Primed Facial Primer.
  10. Then I’m applying the Femme Couture Get Corrected CC Cream Tinted Moisturizer in the shade light using the Face Secrets Foundation Brush.
  11. Now add a little color with the Bitzy Bronzer Blush Duo in the shade Sunset using the Face Secrets Blush Brush
  12. To finish off the look I’m applying a Bitzy Lipstick in the shade “in the nude.”
  1. Hairstyle
  1. To add a bit of texture, I’m going to spray my hair and roots with the Ion Styling solutions dry shampoo, because it absorbs oil while refreshing my hair.
  2. Then create a dutch braid incorporating new sections into the braid until it reaches the top of the left ear.
  3. Once the braid reaches the left ear, continue adding in hair to the right side braiding down to the nape of the neck. Then braid a few more stitches of a regular braid.
  4. Now divide off a small section of hair from underneath the hair left down.
  5. Tie the braid to this small section of hair with a clear elastic band to hold the braid in place and ensure the style maintains the sideswept effect. Once the braid is tied off then you can go back and make the braid a little bigger and more full by gently pulling on the edges of the braid working from the bottom up towards the top.
  6. Now to curl the hair, I’m going to first spray it with the Beyond the Zone Smooth Criminal Thermo Protect Spray.
  7. Grab the GVP Professional Clipless Curling Wand and pick up a small section of hair, wrap it around the wand so it’s curled away from the face. Continue curling small sections of hair until it’s all curled, holding each section for 3 to 5 seconds before releasing it.
  8. Once all of the hair is curled then I run my fingers through them to help break them up so they blend a little better and then I’m going to set them with the So Gorgeous Thermal Styling and Finishing hair spray.