Your Creativity Will Receive A Boost If You Will Adopt These 5 Habits

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Generally speaking, being a creative person is one of the most important qualities anyone can posses. It can help you develop and increase the success in any area of life. Creativity can improve your  career, no mater what that career is, it can improve your relationships, it can bring more fun into your life, and so on.

Truly there is no point of writing down all the aspects of life that can be improved by creativity, because the list is infinite.

So, no matter if you are an artist, and you  want to diversify your art, or you are a business man, and you want to come up with better business ides, or you are a janitor, being creative will take your skills to a higher level.

From what was observed, people that have very high levels of creativity tend to have distinctive, different habits compared with the people that  poses  low levels of creativity.

For example, creative people:

Are always searching for new things, new experiences. They love to simply try new things. They can experience a lot of pleasure and joy, by simply exploring new things. The joy is not necessarily in the new things, it is in the trying of the new things.

They are risk takers. Of course, doing new things, experiencing something new means taking risks. This quote really inspires me to be more relaxed about taking risks: “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

They have a very open mind. Having this flexible attitude is extremely natural to them.
How can anyone be creative without having an open mind?

They follow their heart. They follow their passions. Actually, this is a must for anyone that wants to be truly creative. All creativity, all true creativity doesn’t come from the rational mind. It comes from a deeper place that is connected with the infinite, divine  part in us, that contains all possibilities. This is what we must follow in order to have access to what can become something truly new. This is our infinite soul.

They are not afraid to fail.Lots of people see failure as something terrible that has to be avoided at all costs. Rationally this is how they think about failure,  but the most important part, is that on the feeling level, they associate failure with pain. Because of that, their whole being is aligned and programmed to stay in “the safe zone”.  They cannot perceive, (and I use this word simply because we can change how we feel about failure by changing the way we perceive failure), the positive aspect of failure, and this is, evolution itself, creation itself.

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