A Natural Approach to Rising Health Epidemics

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Modern research shows that over 93% of the world’s population will encounter at least one of these three issues in their lifetime. With advances in science, technology, and an understanding of the human body, these companies aim to make these health risks a thing of the past. Using an all natural approach is believed to be the key to having the body heal itself rather than becoming chemically dependent on substances that can cause harm in other areas.


The weight loss discovery so important, Harvard is scrambling to obtain a patent for it

We now live in a world where MORE people are obese than underweight. Since 1975, the rate of obese men has tripled and for women doubled. Even moderate obesity can take three years off of life expectancy. Severe obesity can take shorten a person’s life by 10 years, the same effect a lifetime of smoking has.

Not only is obesity deadly, but it has several psychosocial effects. In western cultures where the ideal of physical attractiveness is thinness, obese people suffer multiple disadvantages. They are often blamed for their condition and subject to discrimination. Obese people can be viewed as lazy for their inability to lose weight. This makes it common for obese people to have fewer or no romantic relationships and lower incomes. Obese people not only have to struggle with physical disabilities, but because of discrimination their quality of life is greatly diminished. Metabolism is partially genetic and outside of one’s control, but there’s multiple approaches you can take to conquer weight loss.

Genesis 19 reveals cure for aging

The Bible may have cracked the code for a longer life…and its implications have also stunned the whole medical community. Genesis 19 and Deuteronomy 29, mentions [this nutrient] that seems to inhibit the aging process protecting your cells from the ravages of time.

One that has the ability to prevent, stop, and even reverse some of today’s deadliest diseases.

And when mixed with any diet, it strengthens your health better than any man-made remedy. It’s not a stretch to call it, “The Single Most Important Discovery of Our Time”. The full findings of the investigation are laid out in the presentation >> here <<.

Do You Have Dirty Blood?

Do you eat fried foods, drink alcohol, or smoke? Do you ever eat nonorganic foods? Do you live in a city? If yes, then you’re exposed to a DAILY assault from free radicals. Free radicals are in pesticides, air pollutants, the foods you eat, and even the water you drink.

Free radicals are unstable molecules. They cause damage to your body through oxidation, the same process that turns an apple turn brown. Free radicals rampage through your body reacting with compounds and oxidizing them. High levels of oxidative stress affect every organ in the human body and lower the quality of your blood. This speeds up aging of the body and mind and causes a wide range of illnesses and diseases like cancer.

You can fight free radical damage with antioxidants, the “free radical scavengers”. Antioxidants help prevent, neutralize, and eradicate free radicals before they damage vital molecules.

Size “Really Does Matter”

The ancient secret from the jungles of Peru that gave an 89 year old man his first erection since 1987

How important is penis size? For women, it’s AS IMPORTANT as height found the scientific journal, Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences. The study used computer generated imagery to test the affects of penis size variations relative to height and torso size. They used these factors to measure the attractiveness of the male body to women.

For natural selection, size really did matter back in the day.  Women chose partners with bigger genitalia because it increased their chances of getting pregnant. Men with larger penises had a better advantage of clearing out sperm from previous mates.  Evolutionally, this preoccupation with size lingers in the human psyche. Cultures still view large phalluses as a sign of general health and vigor.

You can’t deny there is a universal unspoken obsession with size, but is it mainly for men or women? The obsession for men lays in their desire to attract and retain a partner, but another study shows that women actually prefer just a slightly larger than average penis size. The final conclusion? Size is all relative to your body and proportions, but female choice is definitely the driving force behind this obsession with size.