A Meditation To Recharge Your Mind

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You can change your perspective anytime when you feel your thoughts are going on a negative trend with only three-minute meditation practice. Actually, we can learn how to unplug our mind and see how many problems have disappeared when we plug back in.

Five Steps to Unplug Your Mind

  1. Stop everything you are doing!

Just like an electronic device, your mind has to be disconnected from everything, before being restored. Just begin by stopping your body, and giving yourself permission to do nothing for at least a minute. Say to yourself: “For this one minute, I don’t have to accomplish or change anything.”

  1. Let quit be your companion for a minute or so!

Your mind takes in so many sounds and images all day long. For just a minute or so, let it rest! Imagine that each of your five senses is like a door that lets information into your mind. To offer yourself the gift of quiet, close each of these doors! Turn off anything you are listening and close your eyes. Then, see if you can quiet your thoughts by telling your mind: “You can rest now. Nowhere to go, and nothing to do.”

  1. Come back in the present moment.

Once you’ve stopped and quieted your senses, come home to yourself in the present moment. Pay attention to your breathing and the sensations in your body without trying to do or change anything. Say: “The present moment is my true home, and I have arrived.”

  1. Practice self-compassion.

In this moment, practice love and compassion toward yourself.

  1. Acknowledge that present moment is everything you need to be happy.

Recognize that everything you need to be happy is already present in this moment. You are alive, and the gift of life is the most precious one. You can feel that your mind is completely at rest and you can stop your mindfulness meditation and return to whatever you were doing. You will feel totally different after having your mind unplugged.