5 Soul-Stirring Life Stories Of 2016 That Prove Kindness Will Save The World

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We tend to believe that people are selfish or ignorant nowadays, but still there are so many examples of people who show love and kindness towards others.  Fortunately, every selfless gesture gives our crazy world another chance to become a better place. We share in the post today some stories which prove that we continue to live in accordance with humanitarian principles.

1.      A woman offered home to 1,100 rescue cats

In 1992, Lynea Lattanzi started to take care of cats.  all the way back in 1992. She is a vet technician and tries to find new families for abandoned cats. She founded a sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats, without any financial help. Lynea currently shares her house with more than 1,000 cats, offering them great condition to remain healthy, good food and much love.

2.      New home for abandoned children

Cori Salchert is a nurse who had overcome a serious disease, but she has a big heart. Her main goal in life is to take care of children with life-limiting or terminal diagnoses, whose parents abandoned them. Together with her husband she devoted her live to this project.

3.      Free cleaning services for women with cancer

Debbie Sardone is the founder of a cleaning company. When one of her clients called to cancel the cleaning services from that time onwards because she needed to save money for her cancer treatment, Debbie had a brilliant idea. She decided to provide women who fight cancer with free cleaning services. Since 2006 the company helped over 19 000 women in this situation.

4.      Homeless ’paid’ back a man’s services

Joe Wilson is a man who used to talk every day with a homeless guy, Daniel, who sold magazines. Sometimes, Joe offered to Daniel a cup of hot coffee. One Saturday morning Joe came to the same cafe for breakfast, as usual. And he had a big surprise: when he wanted to pay the bill, the waitress told him that his breakfast had already been paid for. Actually, Daniel had recently won 20 pounds on a scratch card lottery and decided to thank Joe for his kindness.

5.      Orphan baby elephant, saved and adopted

A baby elephant was about to die when he crossed a flooded river with its herd. Fortunately, he was found by the rangers and brought to Roxy, who offered him a home. He was named Moyo and he isn’t much different from a puppy. He is playful, curious and funny! In his new home he receives a lot of love!