10 Beige Nails For Your Next Manicure

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Manicure in beige is so discreet and nice and it works for any personality and for any attire. You should try to paint beige nails this year whenever you want a classy, but still a trendy manicure. Beige is a color which is between nude and pink, being a little bit darker than nude but lighter than pink.  As mentioned before, beige can go well with many colors and fashion trends. Using beige for your base nail polish, you can paint various designs like lines, patterns, flowers. In this post you will find ten beige nail ideas for your manicure.

  1. Glitter Beige Nails

beige-nails-with-glitter via

  1. Beige Nails with Flowers

floral-beige-nails via

  1. Playful Cute Beige Nails

cute-beige-nails via

  1. Beige Nails with White Accents

beige-nails-with-white-lines via

  1. Beige Nails with Golden Inspiration

beige-and-golden-nails via

  1. Beige and White Nails

beige-and-white-nails via

  1. Lovely Floral Nails

floral-nails via

  1. Beige Nails with Black Patterns

beige-nails-with-black-patterns via

  1. White Flowers On Beige Nails

beige-nails-with-white-flowers via

  1. The Most Elegant Beige Nail Art

beige-nail-art via